Musicians and composers included in Reno Chamber Orchestra 2020-21 season

Join us as we EMERGE with a new season of music!

We hope you and your family remain healthy – physically and emotionally – during this challenging time. The past few months have been trying for us individually and as a nation, struggling with deep social issues while entering an uncertain era under the shadow of coronavirus. While so much is evolving around events and the performing arts, the RCO is announcing our plans for our orchestra and festival to bring music to the community.

We understand that many people have reason not to attend public events, or do not feel comfortable until a vaccine has been developed. We respect the reality of that situation, while aspiring to continue our music and employment of local musicians. In the midst of a search for a new RCO Music Director – and a year into the leadership of festival Artistic Director Clive Greensmith – we have many reasons to be flexible and creative in order to continue our momentum. Our board and staff are committed to following health guidelines and enhancing the safety of concerts, while using the intimate nature of chamber music to reach our audiences as best we can.

With these factors considered, we are inviting you to make plans for the 2020-21 RCO concert season and December 2020 Nevada Chamber Music Festival. Venues, seating, artists and programs are subject to changes and flexibility we have never expected in previous years. All subscriptions will be seated at the discretion of our staff and if we are unable to accommodate tickets for a program, patrons will be refunded.

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