In early August, Chris Morrison announced his resignation as RCO Executive Director. It is with great sadness we see him go. Join us in wishing him well in his exciting future endeavors.

Chris worked in many capacities during his 25-year career with the RCO, always giving his very best to the organization. Whether in his pre-concert talks or his always illuminating program notes, Chris’s deep passion for music as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of all things classical shines through and inspires audiences and colleagues alike.

Chris is a natural mentor and teacher, ready and willing to share his experience and insight with anyone wanting to learn. He led the RCO in the best possible way – by his own example. The organization is stronger today for his efforts.

His colleagues will greatly miss his presence in the office. It has been a wonderful opportunity working with Chris. His intelligence, his talent, his quiet but wry sense of humor, all helped make the RCO office a place where people want to work. Chris made everyone associated with the RCO feel they all contributed in a meaningful way to its success. He felt that any such success should be shared by all, and we thank him for that.

The organization has conducted a search for, and will announce, a new Executive Director shortly. Everyone here is looking forward to the upcoming concert season, as well as the Nevada Chamber Music Festival in December. Chris played a vital role in shaping both. He also helped initiate the ongoing search for a new Music Director that will culminate in 2020. Please join us in thanking Chris for his many years of service to the RCO, and for his contribution to making it the incredible institution it is today.

Learn more about Chris’s contributions to the RCO and the Reno arts community in a piece written by previous RCO Executive Director, Scott Faulkner, that was published in the RenoGazette Journal in 2014: RGJ Column 10 February 2014—Chris Morrison by Scott Faulkner