Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Born: November 14, 1778, Pressburg, Bohemia (now Bratislava, Slovakia)
Died: October 17, 1837, Weimar, Germany

Hummel was a prolific composer and virtuoso pianist whose career straddled the transition between music’s Classical and Romantic eras. When he was eight years old, he was already so advanced musically that he was invited to become Mozart’s pupil, even living with Mozart for two years and making his public debut at nine at one of Mozart’s subscription concerts. Hummel soon emulated Mozart as he toured Europe for years as a child prodigy, accompanied by his father. Haydn, who also became one of Hummel’s teachers, composed a piano sonata for him. Beethoven became a close friend, and Schubert planned to dedicate his last three piano sonatas to Hummel. In 1804, Hummel succeeded Haydn as music director at Prince Esterházy’s establishment at Eisenstadt. He later became Kapellmeister at both Stuttgart and Weimar, turning away from concertizing in favor of teaching and composing. Hummel wrote a popular book on piano technique, and his music greatly influenced composers like Chopin. Most of Hummel’s compositions are for the piano, including eight concertos and ten sonatas.

Trumpet Concerto in E major

Composed: 1803
Duration: 18 minutes
Instrumentation: flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, timpani, strings, solo trumpet

In 1803 the famed Viennese trumpeter Anton Weidinger requested of Hummel a new concerto for his invention the keyed trumpet, which allowed the player to produce the entire chromatic scale much more easily than with the earlier valveless trumpet. The imposing figure of Haydn must have been prominent in Hummel’s mind as he undertook the commission. The Concerto received its premiere on New Year’s Day 1804 at a concert celebrating Hummel’s taking over from Haydn as Kapellmeister at the Esterházy court, a position Haydn had held for some 30 years. Moreover, it was Haydn who seven years earlier had written the first concerto for Weidinger’s keyed instrument. In the end, Hummel’s work proved as successful as Haydn’s, and Weidinger subsequently played it throughout Europe.

The concerto opens with a celebratory Allegro con spirito that is notable for a few unusual modulations, likely included to show off the instrument’s expanded capabilities. Not only is the soloist given a thorough workout, but the orchestral support is similarly spirited; the writing for the woodwinds is particularly effective. A plaintive Andante follows, and the work concludes with a sprightly Allegro that includes much brilliant writing for the soloist.

One final note: the concerto exists in two different forms. The work was originally written in E major, but is sometimes heard today transposed to E-flat major, a key that is more friendly to the modern trumpet.

— Chris Morrison

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