Event guidelines

.All guests will receive final guidance two weeks prior to the performance. Given current protocols,  attendees should expect to wear face masks covering the mouth and nose, temperature checks, social distancing, and other common procedures of the past year.

About the Venue:

Acro Enso, 601 E 4th St. Reno, NV 89512

During the pandemic, the RCO has been grateful to develop a relationship with Acro Enso, an acrobatics and movement center located in a large, converted warehouse. The open design of the building allows for maximum social distancing, but comes with a few unique features:

1. Parking and entry:

Parking is available in front of the venue, and along either side of E. 4th St. within blocks of the venue. Parking on 4th St. is particularly recommended for evening performances, as the street has good lighting and is well traveled.

Additional parking is available in the lot at the Reno Diagnostic Centers, 590 Eureka Ave, Reno, NV 89512.

Please enter through the door on Elko Ave., between E. 4th and E. 5th St.

2. Expect to remove your shoes.

Due to Acro Enso’s specialized dance floor, guests are asked to remove shoes upon entering. There is a place to store your shoes upon check-in. Please wear socks or stockings, or bring an additional pair of soft soled house slippers that have not been worn outside to wear while you are inside the venue.

3. Restrooms:

This century-old building is well updated, but restrooms are limited to a few per gender. In order to maintain social distancing and sanitizing protocols, please plan ahead and anticipate longer breaks between music to allow for restroom use.

4. Ventilation:

In the interest of safety, the concert schedule is altered to allow breaks to increase air flow. Please anticipate a longer than usual program with increased intermission time.